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We offer year round riding utilizing our indoor & outdoor riding arenas. You will learn how to work with your horse as a partner and the importance of body control as it relates to your discipline.  Heavy emphasis on reining and versatility to accomplish high levels of performance.  We look at lessons as an education.  You should learn the why's, how's and applications for each excercise and manuver.  The beautiful thing about the horse is the more you learn... the more you realize how much more there is to learn! Lessons are customizable as well so if your goal is to show ASHA, WSSH, NRHA, ORHA, AQHA, ABHA, OFEA, etc. we can help!  If you are working on finishing your horse and need a boost to speed up that spin, perform a flying lead change, go from a snaffle to finished neck rein, we are here to help. 




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